Are you an Emerging Artist looking for DELIVER your sound to the four corners of the earth? 

Let  us help you DELIVER your sound to the four corners of the earth. 

We are accepting submissions for gospels music only. 

Please submit your music to us for airplay consideration by completing the submission requirements below:


** Please note: We are not obligated to place your music on our station. We are not obligated to return any correspondence. We reserve the right to reject any music not meeting our submission/editorial standards. If you feel that our submission guidelines are too stringent, you agree to not submit music to our station. You agree that you are a legally authorized representative of the band/artist's music that you are submitting and that you have permission to submit music on behalf of the band/artist. By submitting music to our station you grant us permission to broadcast your music through the internet radio. Music will solely be used as a promotional tool to help the artist gain exposure via listeners, fans, and representatives. You also grant us permission to not have to pay royalties to play your submissions. You also agree that submitted music is OK to be broadcast throughout the world and not restricted by any treaties, laws, or rules in your foreign land. Please direct any suggestions, comments, or complaints to

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