Word of Empowerment Broadcast” is a show from D.O.R.M. International that empowers God's people every Sunday at 5:30 am EST and throughout the year with special programs such as the 42 Days Spiritual International Growth Campaign, global prayer initiatives, and other events. Apostle Derashay Zorn is the founder of this ministry and various ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ serve as show hosts. It is used to educate and empower the people of God in His word through powerful teaching, preaching and intercession.

Word of Empowerment Broadcast” broadcast stream live on Internet Radio, and is available every Sunday morning at 5:30pm to hear live visit http://divine-order.org/themess . “Word of Empowerment Broadcast” is owned by D.O.R.M International


Kingdom Strategist, Blueprint Builder, and Spiritual Midwife, Derashay Zorn is an international business coach and expert in the art of unleashing purpose, developing dreams, and untapped potentials within individuals, corporations, and ministries. Her passion for information technology has led herexpanding to obtain a Master of Science in Information System Management which equipped her to specialize in analyzing, developing and managing systems to birth or expand individuals and entities into the next dimension of kingdom implementation.

Derashay equips mankind globally as the Founder of the Kingdom Influencers Network, In The Church™ TV & Radio Broadcast, Divine Order Restoration Ministries (D.O.R.M) International, Kingdom Strategist Firm, Woman of Influence Magazine and many other entrepreneurship endeavors that equip mankind globally. Through Kingdom Strategies University®, she teaches others how to maximize their potential and monetize their gifts and talents as a critical vehicle for fulfilling their purpose, making a significant impact and branding influence that can instantly and beautifully change the world. Her book “Abortions “In The Church”- Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance is helping individuals globally give birth to their dreams, purpose, and vision. Mrs. Zorn is on a mission to expand the market reach and income potential over the next 12 months for 1000 authors through her global brand School of Authorpreneur®. Which is an intense training and development program for authors that is an extension to her soon to be released book Write Like an Author, Think Like an Entrepreneur and Get Paid like an Authorpreueur: Developing A Multiple Stream Of Income Mindset And Playbook For Authors.

Her philosophy is “A critical tool for self-development is learning how to cultivate, build and release other into their destinies."

Here to release strategies and revelations to unlock the Kingdom within you, please welcome Kingdom Strategist, Derashay Zorn